Leila: The Big Sister
Pouches are like hidden figures whom fit everywhere and easily revolt into a chameleon. But don’t be fooled as they are full of tenacity. And in the perfect moment, will come out, be loud and make a statement. Great for color mixing with other handbags, dressing a tablet or drawing pad, or stand out on its own as the unique body that it is.


– 8 5/8 ” H x 11 1/4″ W x 1/4 D
– 21.9 cm H x 28.6 cm W x 0.25 cm D
– zip fastening along the top
– The silver shade chain strap is detachable
– Weight 0.4 lbs, 190 g
– Comes with dust bag
– made of soft unlined leather
– Made in Paris


There is a four to six weeks processing time from the point of sale to delivery, as each bag is intricately built for each client.


For leather swatches, contact: info@samirabuchinewyork.com