Samira Buchi was raised in Switzerland by a family of Mediterranean roots – where childhood abundance came from the arts of big cities and the cultural diversities of the places she and her family travelled.  As a little girl, on a family trip in 1979,  she remembers visiting New York City, standing in the middle of a gritty SoHo street, and thinking that one day I will live here.

She took her time to raise a family and pursue other creative endeavors that molded the woman and inspiration that would eventually lead back to that gritty SoHo street 38 years later. Starting from scratch in America, Samira went back to school studying accessory design at FIT. She made it her purpose to learn everything about leather and how to craft it perfectly for even the most intricate of designs, in a way that it’s strength and quality endures while the lines and construction of each bag provide a structure for each individual, morphing to each’s unique lifestyle.